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Release date of September 19, 2023.

Authors Lisa Mercer and Terresa Moses.
Foreword by Dr. Cheryl D. Miller

“Racism Untaught” details the iterative and generative research process informing the development of a framework that is meant to disrupt the status quo of the design research process and focus on the development of anti-racist designs in collaborative design environments. Mercer and Moses explore the design-led interventions introduced throughout the framework and why these approaches are foundational to disrupting normative design practice. Oftentimes, topics of racism and oppression can be difficult to process and discuss, especially in courses, work environments, and community spaces that are not typically focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Chp 1. The Framework

Chapter 1 is focused on the theoretical and applied research used to create the Racism Untaught framework and toolkit.

Chp 2. Defining Design

Chapter 2 explores how we are all designers of artifacts, systems, and experiences and how the designs we each develop affect historically oppressed communities.

Chp 3. Positionality

Chapter 3 investigates the different ways participants of the Racism Untaught framework can delve into social identities created and how these identities affect individuals.

Chp 4. Shared Language

Chapter 4 seeks to understand the ethics of knowing and the importance of a shared vocabulary to discuss and identify racialized design.

Chp 5. Anti-Oppressive Interventions

Chapter 5 provides users of the framework with the opportunity to further understand how design perpetuates and reinforces the status quo.

Chp 6. A Collective Liberatory Future

Chapter 6 explains how to effectively engage in the work of critically assessing, analyzing, and reimagining racialized design

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