Racism Untaught Podcast

We loved being in conversation with people whose work we greatly admire and hope you learn as much from them as we have!

Each episode is a companion to the Racism Untaught Book.

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Episode 01: Crossover Episode with George Garrastegui, Works in Process!

Acknowledging Space, Time, and Culture.

“As Black women and women of color in academia, we do not have the luxury of ignoring the social construct of race and how this conditioned ideology crafts a narrative about us before we have even opened our mouths.”

Episode 02: Historical Relevance of the Work with Dr. Cheryl D. Miller

Corresponds with the foreword of the book, written by Dr. Cheryl D. Miller.

“The Racism Untaught framework teaches us to unlearn racialized design. The framework is a research process that identifies the problem or gap in our understanding, and then it works to create innovative, anti-racist solutions. Best understood, the framework identifies the void and finds the solution to fill it.”

—Dr. Cheryl D. Miller

Episode 03: The Role of the Academy with Penina Acayo Laker

Corresponds with the Introduction

“The classroom remains the most radical space of possibility in the academy.”

—bell hooks

Episode 04: Hope in the Redesign with Antionette Carroll

Corresponds with Chp. 01 The Framework

“Like all systems, systems of oppression, inequality, and inequity are by design. Therefore, they can be redesigned.”

—Antionette Carroll

Episode 05: Design Practice as a Cultural Medium with Dr. Lesley-Ann Noel and Dr. Renata Leitão

Corresponds with Chp. 02 Defining Design

“Design practice can be understood as the medium between values and ideals of a culture and the tangible reality.”

—Dr. Lesley-Ann Noel and Dr. Renata Leitão

Episode 06: The Lens of Intersectionality with Jennifer White-Johnson

Corresponds with Chp. 03 Positionality

“Intersectionality is a lens through which you can see where power comes and collides, where it interlocks and intersects. It’s not simply that there’s a race problem here, a gender problem here, and a class or LBGTQ problem there. Many times, that framework erases what happens to people who are subject to all of these things.”

—Kimberlé Crenshaw 

Episode 07: A Shared Language with Gaby Hernandez

Corresponds with Chp. 04 Shared Language

“Racism does not always look the same. In our definition of racism we need to include prejudice, discrimination, bias, and bigotry. These are all manifestations of the same root problem—racism.”

—Joy DeGruy

Episode 08: The Workings of Modern-Day Oppression with Dr. Jeanine Weekes Schroer

Corresponds with Chp. 05 Anti-oppressive Interventions

“Oppression is not merely the province of corrupt governments and tyrants; nor is it always committed by power-hungry conspirators. Modern oppression is the result of the acts of numerous individuals, each of whom may or may not intend to oppress or even to harm.”

—Dr. Jeanine Weekes Schroer

Episode 09: Collective Liberation with Kaleena Sales

Corresponds with Chp. 06 A Collective Liberatory Future

“We need to move from competitive ideation, trying to push our individual ideas, to collective ideation, collaborative ideation. It isn’t about having the number one best idea, but having ideas that come from, and work for, more people.”

—adrienne maree brown